What you say and how you say it is as important as everything else

SEO Copywriting and Content Creation


Welcome to the world of content marketing and Search Engine Optimization. The science behind improving a website’s rankings and performance on search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing results pages.

SEO copywriting combines excellent writing skills with the understanding of how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works and exactly what the search engines are looking for. The problem is, crafting the perfect content takes time, research, hard work and copywriting skills.

It’s great having fabulous copy on your website or blog that will make your audience laugh, or click that buy button quicker than you can say ‘sale!’ but if they can’t find your website on the first page of Google, all that hard work is for nothing.  To rank highly for your chosen keywords, you need to strategically place different key phrases within the body of the text. It sounds simple doesn’t it? But it’s not as simple as throwing your keywords everywhere on your site – trust us, the almighty Google can tell when you’ve done that!

We write the kind of content both users and search engines love!



Never under-estimate the power of keywords


Let’s not forget that the words on your website are going to be read by your targeted potential customers or clients, so it’s important that the content keeps them engaged.

The keywords in your copy should be natural and the copy should flow with ease because search engines feed on content and they are keen on original and fresh content. That’s why updating plays an important role in content optimisation. Search engines like to give users what they want and what they want is helpful, interesting and relevant content. Your copy needs to be written for humans, not robots! We don’t just optimise for SEO, we look at the tone and structure of your content – ensuring it reflects your brand and its values.